Who are The Lions


Teulada Moraira Lions Club is part of Lions Clubs International, which is the world’s largest service organisation with 1.4m members in 210 countries and 46,00 Clubs worldwide. For more information about Lions International, click here.

As Teulada Moraira Lions Club, we have served our local, national and international communities since 1994 and offer help and welfare to those in need.

Lions are Ordinary People who do Amazing Things.

Lions are men and women of all ages with many individual talents and experience who give their time freely to help others.

Lions provide help and support to individuals, families and other voluntary groups.

We help the young, youth, aged, infirm, distressed and those affected by disasters and emergencies.

Every euro raised by the Lions is used to support people and organisations in need.

No charity monies are used to pay for any administration overheads of the Club. These costs are funded entirely by individual Lions, who, as members of Lions International, pay an annual subscription.